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Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, graduation or any form of a special occasion, prepaid gift cards can be ordered and personalized by You can start by personalizing a prepaid gift card of your choosing or by selecting a pre-designed gift card. Everything about the prepaid gift card can be personalized, from the photo to the text, to the gift card $ amount. Your prepaid gift card can also be delivered with a custom greeting card. Simply click above on one of our prepaid gift card options to get started!

Prepaid Gift Card Support

Check Balance

If you purchased or have a prepaid gift card from, you can use our check balance page.  Use the links below to check the balance of prepaid gift cards from other popular retailers:

Activate Prepaid Gift Card

Most prepaid gift cards are already activated upon purchase or can be easily activated by following the activation instructions on the front or back of the card.  If you are looking to activate a gift card that was purchased from, please use our activate page.


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Prepaid Gift Card Fees

There are no usage fees on prepaid gift cards purchased from and most other prepaid gift card retailers.  However, they is a small processing fee for the purchase of a prepaid gift card.  For more information on gift card fees, please visit our fee schedule page.

Where To Buy Prepaid Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards can be purchased in-person at various retailers across the country but the only place to buy personalized prepaid gift cards is online.  For a Visa prepaid Gift Card store locator, click here .

Corporate Bulk Visa Buying

Perfect for corporate incentives or rewards:

  • 50 or more cards
  • Add your company’s logo
  • Custom greeting cards

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SMB Company Logo Visa Card

Perfect for small to medium-sized business owners:

  • Up to 50 cards
  • Add your company’s logo
  • Custom greeting cards

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