Thank You Gift Cards

Thank you gift ideas for expressing gratitude for service, hospitality, generosity and more.

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Thank You Gift Tips

Whether you want to say thanks for a job well done or offer a token of gratitude for service rendered, giving someone a gift card is a great way to go. When I give someone a gift to say thanks, I always include a personal note as well because often there is no way to really repay someone for what they’ve done. And I want them to know the gift card isn’t payment–it’s just my way of doing a little bit more in return. On my blog, you’ll find several ideas for thanking teachers, thanking coaches and more. Check out the Gift Card Girlfriend’s blog for more gift ideas.

Brand Gift Cards to Show Appreciation

Thank you gifts are a gesture—a token of appreciation. So while it’s tempting to make thank you gifts grand, a simple sentiment can be just as effective.

Thank You Gift Ideas

Flowers, baked goods, and handwritten thank you notes are all nice gestures of gratitude. If you want to thank someone with a larger gift, a custom Mastercard® gift card is a wonderful way to treat the recipient while still offering a heartfelt sentiment.

Here’s how to give Thank You gift cards:

  1. Thanks a Bunch! Deliver a custom Visa® gift card tucked into a bunch of flowers. Or deliver a bunch of custom Visa® gift cards tucked into a flower vase. Upload photos that show how the recipient helped you such as pictures of the wedding reception, pictures from the baby shower, or pictures from the school auction. Upload the photos to make customized gift cards and write, “Thanks a bunch” on each one.
  2. For Always Being There. Take a current picture of the two of you together or find an old picture of the two of you as kids. Turn the photo into a personalized gift card. Upload the image and write the words, “For being there” on the thank you gift card’s embossed message line. Deliver the gift card with framed photo of the same picture.
  3. Thanks Coach / Thanks Teacher. Upload a picture from the team’s winning season or a school fieldtrip. Turn it into a unique gift to thank coach or thank teacher. Deliver the gift card with something to go along with the thank you gift card image. Get coach a new clipboard with the thanks coach gift card tucked under the clasp. Get teacher a new set of markers with the thanks teacher gift card tied to the box with an apple-themed ribbon.

If you don’t have a thank you photo of your own, select a thank you gift card design from our predesigned gallery. The gallery is full of gift cards created by our designers.