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Mother’s Day eGift Cards You Can Send in 60 Seconds (Or Less)

10 thoughtful Mother’s Day eGift Cards you can send to mom in less than a minute (without getting scolded!)

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Let’s Talk About Mom and eGift Cards

I know what you’re thinking. There is no way I can send my mom an egift card for Mother’s Day and not get scolded for putting so little effort into a gift. But you’re wrong. I mean, you’re part wrong. The woman who fed you, diapered you and basically gave up all of her free time to raise you certainly deserves more than a 60 second show of appreciation. However, I believe that the sentiment expressed through a gift can compensate for the lack of time spent making it. So with that in mind, I’ve selected 10 Mother’s Day egift cards that are both quick to make and thoughtful to give.

One quick clarification. An “egreeting card” is an electronic video or image attached to (or embedded in) an email. An “egift card,” on the other hand is an electronic version of a gift card. So while the mail may contain an electronic video or image, it also delivers a virtual gift card to the recipient. The egift card may be for a popular store or restaurant or it could be a Visa® egift card that can be used nearly anywhere Visa cards are accepted. So after you pick one of the videos or images suggested, be sure to add a gift card as well. Now let’s get back to that list of egift cards for mom.

1. For Moms of Toddlers

Anyone who has kids (and especially those with kids in the toddler to pre-teen age ranges) will appreciate this real-life symphony echoing the words us moms hear pretty much all day long. If your wife, mother, daughter, sister or good friend thinks “mom” is spelled “m-a-w-m,” then this real life Mother’s Day greeting is the one to send. Turn the volume down and enjoy.


2. For Moms of Teenagers

The “Moms Know Love” video is the tear jerker of the collection. Set to a sentimental ditty about how much moms love their kids, you’ll see an array of mom and child images that range from baby’s first steps to sending a kid off to college. The “mama bear” line got to me. I think this egift card is perfect for the mother of a teenager because it will remind her that what she does matters–even if all she hears right now is the sound of slamming doors and the cries of injustice over early curfews.


3. For Christian Moms

For moms who believe in God, this Religious Mother’s Day egift card brings a message of love. It says that God gave the world sun and there was warmth, God gave the world rain and there was life and God gave the world Mothers and there was love. If your mom goes to church every week or believes in a higher power, then this egift card is the one for her.


4. For Moms of Grown Kids

With the birds and butterflies landing gracefully on the screen, this Wishes for Mom egift card looks as serene as life must be when the kids have grown and left the nest. I think it would be a perfect video to go with a gift card to the spa because it tells mom how much you love her in a peaceful Zen-like way.


5. For Any Mom

This is the Mother’s Day egift card you can send to honor someone on Mother’s Day who might not be YOUR mom. I’m talking about your sister, your aunt, your grandmother, your daughter or even someone you lovingly call mom even though she isn’t. The greeting wishes a Happy Mother’s Day without implying the card is coming from the honoree’s child. This gift is a great choice for nearly any mom.


6. For Country Mom

I’m not a musician, but I’m pretty sure that’s a banjo and some other country music instruments playing in the background of this Countrified Video for Mom. It’s not overtly country, but there’s a little twang that strikes a chord with me and I think it will with you too. The message is simple. I’m wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day and thanking you for all the wonderful memories.


7. For the Far Away Mom

This Mother’s Day video never actually says Happy Mother’s Day or anything about mom, but I think the sweet note “Just staying in touch” is all any mom really wants to hear after her kids have left home. So tell mom that you’re thinking about her and missing her just a little more on her honorary day.


8. For Mom Who Doesn’t Like Mother’s Day

For some women, Mother’s Day is a hard day. From failed expectations to unplanned life events, there are many reasons why celebrating all that is great about motherhood could be a challenge. For one of these ladies, send an egift card that simply says, “I thought about you.”


9. For the Amazing Mom

If the woman you want to celebrate on Mother’s Day is amazing (aren’t they all?), then this simple egift card is the perfect choice. Though it doesn’t say Mother’s Day, it says “You’re Amazing” and that’s a pretty great thing to hear.


10. For the Busy Mom

I can’t let this post end without showing you an alternative to adding a video message. Rather than selecting an animated greeting, you can upload an image of your own to make a personalized Visa eGift Card with a favorite photo. I added this old photo of me and my two oldest siblings. You can see below that I scheduled delivery for Mother’s Day and I added a personal message as well. If mom is too busy to watch a video, make your Mother’s Day egift card short and sweet with a simple photo.


Here’s another example of an egift card with a photo. I pulled a photo from my phone and changed the Visa gift card to a store brand gift card.


How to Send Mom a Video eGift Card

If you’re not sure how to send mom an egift card, then let’s talk about that. Nowadays, websites for most major stores and restaurants have some type of digital gift card for sale. (I know, because I review top store and restaurant egift cards every year.) Though you can visit each website to find an egift card for mom, you’ll save time browsing through our one-stop-shop instead. Plus, we also sell certain Visa eGift Cards that are hard to find anywhere else. Here’s how to quickly buy an egift card on this site:

1. Select eGifts from the Main Menu.

2. Select the brand gift card you want to send.

3. Select “Add a Design.”

4. Scroll through the various video choices and pick one that your mom will like. If you don’t want to add video, you can also upload an image from your computer, phone or social media account.

5. Enter a dollar value, mom’s name and her email address.

6. Pick a delivery date. If you want the gift delivered immediately, then pick “Right Away.” If you’d rather have the gift delivered on Mother’s Day, then select May 13, 2018.

7. Enter a personalized message. Here’s the good part. Nothing will matter as much to mom as what you say. She’ll look past the brand and the dollar amount of the gift card to zero in on the personalized message. So this is where you should put some thought. Seriously, I think you can order an egift card in about 20 seconds…so I’m giving you 40 seconds to write from the heart!” (If you’re stumped, try this list of things to write on an egift card.)

Here’s a Tip: If this is your first time buying a gift card or an egift card, your order will go through a security screening process that could delay delivery. So if you want to be sure your gift card arrives on Mother’s Day, place the order early and schedule it to arrive on the second Sunday in May. (Nearly all gift card sites have similar first-time ordering processes.)

What do you think? Ready to send mom an egift card for Mother’s Day? If so, tell me which one you pick. If not, add a comment below or send me a message on Twitter (@GCGirlfriend). I’d like to know what stands between you and sending mom a Mother’s Day egift card in 60 seconds or less.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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