Wedding Gift Cards

Wedding gift ideas to celebrate the happy couple and offer best wishes as they embark on their new life together.


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Wedding Gift Ideas

Gift cards are the perfect wedding gift idea because new couples can start their lives together with the things they really want and need. Though a traditional wedding registry may give you plenty of gift ideas, you still have to comb through the items on their wishlist to find a gift that speaks to you and is within your budget. When I shop wedding registries, I often look to see what the couple wants–what their style will be, what colors they are using–but invariably I buy a gift card because I know the couple can use it to buy the items they registered for but didn’t receive. Shipping is usually free and the couple isn’t forced to take items back that they get in duplicate. And since the engaged couple is likely to register at the stores they want to shop, you don’t have to stress about which gift card to get. The only thing left to do is think of what to write on the card. And that’s easy: “Best wishes as you start your married life together!”

If you want to give a more personal gift card, purchase a custom Visa® or Mastercard® Gift Card using a photo.

Custom Wedding Gift Cards

To make a custom wedding gift card, you’ll first want to select a photo. On, you’ll find several existing designs to choose from, but you can also select a picture of your own. Some fun suggestions are a photo from their engagement party, a photo from a recent trip together or a photo from when the couple first met–even more fun if they were youngsters at the time!

To make the custom gift card, upload the photo from your desktop, phone or social media account. Then choose a message you want printed on the gift card. Use a photo from a vacation and tell the couple to use the gift on their honeymoon. Or add a photo from a camping trip and remind the couple to stick together through the messy parts of life! Get creative and have fun.

When you give custom gift cards for wedding presents, not only will the couple get what they want for a wedding gift, but they get a keepsake that is still fun after the money is spent. And don’t forget, a wedding gift card is safer than cash, especially if you send an egift card.

Top Wedding Gift Cards

With everything from housewares to honeymoon splurges, these great wedding gift cards will help the happy couple get off to a great start.

Digital Wedding eGift Cards

The easiest and fastest way to send a gift card is right from your phone or computer. With egift cards, you can upload a personal photo or select a video message and have your egift card delivered in minutes–or scheduled for a future date—whichever works best for your timeframe.

Free Wedding Gift Card Holders

If you want the convenience of gift cards, but still want to be able to put a little D-I-Y love into your Wedding gifts, then try our free printable Wedding gift card holders. Some are designed for brand gift cards like Sephora and Ulta while others work best with predesigned Visa or Mastercard gift cards. Just select the gift card holder you want, download it, print it and follow the directions on the blog.

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New Couple Gift Tips

Deliver a wedding gift card and a few kitchen or bathroom essentials. Select a gift card from the bridal registry or choose one that can be used almost anywhere. With a custom Visa gift card, for example, the couple can use the gift card to buy anything from souvenirs on their honeymoon to laundry detergent back at home.